And so it continues ... that perfect sunny spot located at 158 First Street in Hoboken, NJ, founded in September 2007, succeeded by new owner,who also shared the dream of holding a small boutique. It was not too long ago when a young girl was sitting in English 101 on her first day ofclass at the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, a small private fashion college in the heart of Manhattan. The assignment was to write an essayon, where she sees herself in 5 years... And here she is, 5 years later living a dream come true. Being an independent woman, owning an eco-friendlybeauty boutique, in one of the greatest cities in NJ, has inspired her to succeed and conquer this dream. She was so fortunate to grow up in a familythat was following a healthy, organic and natural lifestyle. They were taught to value the importance of vitamins and natural ingredients that enter thebody, especially through the skin, to prolong good health in every aspect of life. We are excited to say that Luxe Face & Body is moving forward...


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